Youth Aid Zimbabwe Trust

fresh minds for sustainable development  

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Youth Aid Zimbabwe Trust is a youth organisation that was formed and registered in 2007 with the Notarial Deed Number M.A 1267/2007.The birth of YAZ Trust was triggered by the need to shape sustainable livelihoods among the youths who remain trapped in poverty, vulnerable to HIV and AIDS, gender inequality,a situation which is also compounded by the denial of social justice in as much as they struggle to access  education, employment and other social needs. The obtaining situation is as a result of structural societal mechanisms.Rural Youths therefore, remain enmeshed in the deprivation trap,thus they remain sidelined in the contemporary development thinking and planning.

Youth Aid Zimbabwe Trust advocates for meaningful rural youth participation in the development process stemming from grassroots levels so as to transform communities towards reaching the goal of sustainable community development.Our approach is quite divorced from the currently touted participation models which are either forms of decoration or tokenism. Youth Aid Zimbabwe encourages and envisages a youth base which is better able to mobilise other generations in catapulting sustainable development initiatives. 


To become a vibrant and leading national organisation that promotes a culture of effective youth participation in sustainable development initiatives.


To work for and with the youths in Zimbabwe in shaping and adding value in participatory sustainable livelihoods


  1. to promote the effective participation and empowerment of youths in sustainable socio-economic development initiatives
  2. to promote an HIV/AIDS free generation,through effective youth participation in the fight against the pandermic.
  3.  to promote and protect the civic rights of the youth in Zimbabwe.
  4. to promote gender equality and sensitivity in communities so as to create a society of equals.
  5. to promote and pursue the accessibility of basic needs and services to the marginalised rural youths.